Greg Renko

Greg Renko

Hello everyone and welcome to my channel!

My name is Greg Renko and my channel mainly consists of short skits about video games, comedy, and personal vlogs of my life. My love for video making and editing came as of recently in my life, but my passion for sports, video games, and comedy have all been apparent my entire life.

My video making career all started on tiktok in early 2020. I've been making short, 1 minute videos on Tiktok for quite some time now, and due to the overwhelming support I started to get on that platform I decided it would be a good idea to start migrating over to youtube. Little did I know my tiktok page would grow rapidly and next thing I knew I had just about half a million followers within a couple of months. I think AMpluss is a fantastic opportunity for me to grow my following and get others who don't use tiktok to see my videos.

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